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Grey Oval Tahitian Pearl Necklace with Silver Clasp

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An oval-shaped Tahitian pearl necklace, strand by hand and finished with a silver clasp.

The price shown is for the finished necklace, sold strung with a clasp.

  • Cultured Saltwater Tahitian Pearl
  • Origin - French Polynesia
  • 11-13.7mm diameter
  • Oval/Circled shape
  • Grey, with a blue overtone
  • AAA Quality
  • Very Good Lustre, with very few blemishes

Our evaluation of pearl quality is based on lustre, colour and surface quality. To guide you with your selection on our website, we categorise each item with the following description:

  • TOP Quality - Excellent to Very Good Lustre, with a clean surface
  • AAA Quality - Very Good Lustre, with few surface irregularities
  • AA Quality - Very Good to Good Lustre, with some visible surface irregularities
  • A Quality - not available for order on our website, please contact us for details

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