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Pearlston has an in-house team of highly experienced jewellery stringers and we offer stringing services for any pearl jewellery designs, from single strands to more elaborate designs. We are also able to string other gems such as diamonds, precious and other semi-precious gems.

We use a traditional technique of pearl stringing, tying individual knots by hand between each pearl. Tight knotting will protect the pearls from friction, allow flexibility in the jewellery and avoid multiple pearls slipping off the jewellery if the stringing were to break.

Quality stringing should also provide suppleness and strength. To help find the right balance, we recommend and use a wide variety of threads including silk, polyester and wire, available in a variety of thicknesses and colours.

We recommend that a necklace should be restrung every 18-24 months, depending on the conditions of use and wear.

Our standard charges for stringing single strands of pearls over 6mm in diameter are:

  • CHF30 for a bracelet
  • CHF40 for a necklace up to 45cm in length
  • CHF120 for a sautoir, depending on length and pearl size
  • A specific quotation is available upon request for more complex pieces of jewellery
  • Please note that these charges exclude VAT of 8% and any additional shipping costs to and from you.

Our stringing services take approximately 1 week and an express service is also available upon request. 

Please contact us if you are interested in our stringing services, and we would be very pleased to help.